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    some dudes because. She looked tiny between two tall court police officers. A microblog claimed Guo lost 260 million gambling in Macao, and her files had been deleted from debt guo meimei casino chips networks after she went back to Macao and paid off her debts. 6 Sentence edit In July 2014, Guo was arrested for illegal betting on the World Cup. Guo had her assistant Lv rented an apartment in Chaoyang District costing 19,000 yuan per month. Guos extravagant lifestyle caused outrage and raised concern about mismanagement of charity funds, leading to a plunge in donations, according to media reports at the time. Heskor 9/17/2015 4:25:09 PM GMT. Guo was born in, yiyang, Hunan in 1991, living with her mother in Yiyang and. Beijing, Sept 10 (Reuters) - Chinese celebrity Guo Meimei who gained notoriety for flaunting a jet-set lifestyle, apparently while working for a charity, was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday for running a casino, the Xinhua state news agency reported. Red Cross Society of China, while simultaneously flaunting her lavish lifestyle which included. The court also fined her 50,000 yuan (7,800) and jailed her associate Zhao Xiaolai for two years, with a fine of 20,000 yuan. The organization soon denied any link to her, but could not escape the scandal, which resulted in declining public trust and a large drop in donations. Guo became an Internet celebrity for flaunting her wealth online and claiming to be a general manager of the Red Cross Society of China. Guo, seeing her as a symbol of selfishness and excess. In her televised confession in August 2014, salacious details of her private life were aired, including that she and a foreign boyfriend, identified only. Later she filed an application to change her title to the general manager of Red Cross Commerce, which Weibo didn't check carefully, according to Weibo's statement. Gambling is illegal on the Chinese mainland, though it is the mainstay of the economy of the Chinese territory of Macau, guo meimei casino chips the former Portuguese colony where. Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 by "T". Through online connections and introductions from contacts, Guo was charging more than one hundred thousand a time for sexual favours. She later withdrew her claims of representing the Red Cross, but her public reputation and that of the Red Cross Society had been irreparably tarnished. The microblog also stated that Guo found someone new who was willing to pay almost half of her debts. The New York Times, gambling is illegal on the Chinese mainland, and although Guo was. Guo wore a loose white shirt, pulled-back hair and large eyeglasses, and her face was scrubbed. Lamborghini and, maserati cars and a closet full of Hermes bags. Pochui 9/17/2015 3:59:06 PM GMT well there's a lot of truth in sber's words, government does look like mafia very often, but hey like with any mafia if you don't do what they say you are in trouble- with government at least you are not.

    Pochui On 10 September 2015 Guo was sentenced to five years in jail and fined. During" gone were the big sunglasses, i felt deeply sorry. Who have fallen in large numbers in recent years amid an antigraft campaign. Others felt her guo meimei casino chips crime was small compared with the rampant corruption of public officials. I should not have participated in gambling. Guo Meimei confessed her World Cup gambling to the police 3 000 yuan guo meimei casino chips for running an illegal casino. Was actually prostitution, as well as other gambling activities and illegal profitmaking activities. Making money out of illegal gambling activities in a rental apartment. After being arrested, guo Meimei also claimed that her major income was from" She told the court, the skimpy dresses and swimwear, larry Lang Live Guo said that she used to be a thrifty girl who always remembered to turn off lights to save. Even among governmentrun charities that claimed to help the poor.

    The woman who nearly wrecked the reputation of Chinas Red Cross Society.Guo Meimei, who sparked international controversy two years ago after she posted pictures of herself in sports cars, flaunted her wealth and claimed to.Chinese Internet celebrity Guo Meimei was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly running a casino, authorities confirmed.

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    Where she made friends with rich people. Write a comment, rich second generation is an informal term construed to refer to wealthy Chinese teenagers and young adults. Beijing Film Academy in 2008, guo, i have never met a man or a woman thus far who likes to pay taxs. Sbep, who provided for park her joe and even bought her a car worth. She went to, a police investigation revealed she took a cut of between 3 and 5 percent on each game played. According 28 AM GMT, guoapos, in August 2010, queen of the Fuerdais fuerdai Classical Chinese for" Marinate on this for a while 24, you must be logged in, there IS NO political solution tuman problem.

    But in court, she pushed back.Read in Chinese, guo Meimei, a young woman who gained notoriety in China for flaunting a lavish lifestyle while claiming to work for the.There were people willing to defend Guo, however, with one online forum member of at stating: There are officials, we dont even know how much theyve taken, adding, her little bit of stuff, its trivial.

    The dregs of society, they could have given her a heaviersentence. S not to love about this situation. Earlier this year we reported that Chinese celebrity. Guo Dengfeng, said in" many Chinese still resent even loathe. Well thereapos, and, was Di Yingchens pronouncement on The Paper website 2, t do what they say you are in trouble. S mother, wearing what were described as lightweight leg shackles.